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Sargent At Arms/ VP of Public Relations

Connie has been a member of the Downtown Toronto Toastmaster Club for over five years. In the beginning, as an introverted person, she was not so passionate about public speaking. Over the years, she found public speaking became more and more interesting. Underneath the ability of delivering a smooth speech are continuous self-exploration and good quality input from reading and life experiences.

She likes sharing with others about her gains and losses in life, as well as, enjoy reading, music, yoga, running, hiking, and climbing. She is working as a full time Data Analyst. Gaining and presenting insights from data gives her as much as public speaking. The more she understands her inner thoughts and emotional changes, the more she enjoys communicating with others.


Michelle Caballero

As a motivational speaker she aims to spark a light for those she encounters. Her personal passion is to spread financial literacy and empower people to tailor their financial decisions to exceed their needs and desires.

 VP of Membership

Glen Thordarson

Glen is always striving to be a better speaker through practice & learning with our club.  He is encouraged with the recent growth of the club and is proud to serve as our VP, Membership.   

 VP of Education

Monisha Singh

Monisha aspires to be a leader who can inspire people with whom she collaborates with and first step towards that goal is to become an effective communicator. 

Past President

Bruce Hunt

Bruce is a professional public speaking coach that enjoys helping people have public speaking and communication breakthroughs.

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